Inspiration for your research proposal

While I’m awaiting responses from a few of last year’s students on whether they are OK with us sharing their proposals from last year with you, here’s a selection of the titles of last year’s proposals. This may give you an idea of the kinds of combinations you could make.

  • LOD space: Huge educational potential!
  • Enabling Linked Data through Natural Language Processing
  • Opentabs: An Open Guitar Tablature Knowledgebase
  • Modelling of Linked News
  • Improving social tagging-based music recommendation systems
  • Try-on eyewear: Serious Gaming for Opticians
  • Measuring and Representing Public Opinion of Content of Political Video Fragments
  • Linking the Unlinked: Juicing the LOD cloud with WordNet
  • Music discovery and recommendations using the Semantic Web
  • Crowdsourcing for documentation and revitalization of endangered languages
  • Mood-based music retrieval through speech recognition
  • Improving Health by Using Serious Gaming

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Researcher on the Agora project
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