Possible topics for your research proposal

Besides the topics treated in the lectures, there are some other topics you could use for your proposal (ontologies, serious gaming, linked open data etc.). For example other types of media than those discussed in the lectures or topics closely related to the lecture topics:

  • music
  • images
  • video
  • e-learning

In the coming lectures, the following topics will also be discussed:

  • information extraction, text (Lecture 11)
  • cultural heritage, crowdsourcing, online communities (Lecture 12)

If you’re interested in using ideas related to these lectures, you can have a quick look at the literature list of these lectures. If you want to use a topic that is not listed here or treated in the lectures, please post a comment. Knowledge and media is far broader than we can cover in a single course, so very often a topic will be related, but we don’t want you to make it too difficult on yourselves by going too far away from the core of the course.

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