Note about the revised proposals

Just to clarify, your revised proposal should consist of three parts:

  • Revised proposal text in which you procesed the reviewers’ comments (5 pages max using the ACM template)
  • Response letter in which you detail how you dealt with the reviewers’ comments. For example if a reviewer misinterpreted a part of your proposal, state this and say you have rephrased the text etc. (1-2 pages, up to you how you format it. Do start and end with a salutation as you normally would in a letter)
  • Poster (1 page)

Resubmit your revised version as a single pdf to the Easychair system before the deadline.

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16 Responses to Note about the revised proposals

  1. pim says:

    So, if I understand correctly, we have to make one general letter in which we tell how we’ve dealt with all three reviews? Or do we have to make three separate letters?

    • One letter indeed, you can for example say “in response to reviewer 1’s comment about: ….”

      You don’t have to explain minor revisions such as typos etc.

      • stefania says:

        so what happens if we do not agree with some of the comments of peer reviews? for example poster? it is matter of aesthetic too, and to be honest, and I do not agree 100% with the comments I received! (no offence (to my reviewers))

      • Pim says:

        I think you just have to say that you do not agree with it and explain why you do not agree with it in your letter.

      • You may indeed not agree with (some) of your reviewers, they probably also don’t agree with each other on everything. You do need to motivate why you don’t agree with them though, and sometimes you can support your statement with some literature or numbers. This gives you s stronger case.

        In the academic world, the revised versions of papers, along with response letters are used to make a final decision sbout whether to publish a paper or not, so you do have to treat your reviewers’ comments seriously, even if you don’t agree.

  2. stefania says:

    ok.. thanks:) I hope I could write 1-2 pages about all these comments in the peer review!
    Good luck with your proposal!

  3. Snorre Rubin says:

    When will the grades be out? And how will they be published? Will you send a mail, like with the feedback for the earlier assignments?

  4. mariekevanerp says:

    We are currently grading the assignments and hope to have the grades before the end of next week. We will share the grades by email as it always takes quite long for the education bureau to process them once we handed them in. Feedback will be provided on request.

    • Julien L. says:

      Sounds great!

    • Julien L. says:

      Can we hope for “some” grades today? Maybe the retaken assignments or the research proposals?

      Or will we receive a single email will everything as soon as it is all graded?
      When would that be?

      • You will receive a single email with your final grade, those who have done a retake assignment will receive an additional email with the new grade for their retake assignment. You will receive both emails tomorrow.

      • Julien L. says:

        Thank you for the news! I’m sure everyone is happy to know that and cannot wait until tomorrow 😉

        I’m sorry for all the “stressed & bitter” messages, I simply have my french school putting a lot of pressure on me to get these results… and I need them to give me a green light to take the job I just got :S


    • Julien L. says:

      Since we are behind the original estimation, by default of getting the actual grades could we get a new estimation of how long it will take? Or perhaps an update on what is going on?

      I am sad to see that the lack of communication between the teachers and the students for this class will have last until the very end!

  5. Another student says:

    @Julien L: I couldn’t agree more with you.

    • Julien L. says:

      I guess I’m supposed to be super happy to have someone’s support… but I don’t really need it though 😛 Plus if you don’t “add” anything or even state your name this feel a bit pointless! 🙂

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