Retaking one of assignments 1-3

As stated on November 20, you are allowed to retake one of assignments 1-3 if you want to up your grade. There are two different ways of doing this:

  • Redo the assignment
  • Write an essay about the assignment topic (e.g., if you want to up your grade for the QUDT assignment your essay should be related to issues raised in the original QUDT assignment)

The essay should meet the following requirements:

    • Length, 3-4 pages
    • One report per group
    • Regarding the topic:
      1. Find two recent knowledge modelling papers about a similar topic (for example from the ISWC, ESWC, K-CAP, EKAW conferences)
      2. Summarise both papers
      3. Compare the approaches the authors have taken to resolve their modelling problem
      4. Discuss how the approaches presented in the papers compare to what you have learnt Knowledge and Media course.


  • You will be judged by the level at which you describe how the phenomena discussed in the course appear in science in the wild.

In either case, let us know whether you are planning to retake an assignment and which assignment you will do before the end of the course so we know how many assignments to expect (December 14, 2012).

The deadline for your retake assignment is the same as the deadline for your revised research proposal (December 23, 2012).


2 Responses to Retaking one of assignments 1-3

  1. Thijs Kloosterman says:

    How should we hand in the retaken assignments? Via email of uploading to the dropbox again?

    • Ines van Drie says:

      I think you’ve seen it by now on the home page, but it should be handed in by uploading to the dropbox. There is a new password for the retakes.

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