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Note about the revised proposals

Just to clarify, your revised proposal should consist of three parts: Revised proposal text in which you procesed the reviewers’ comments (5 pages max using the ACM template) Response letter in which you detail how you dealt with the reviewers’ … Continue reading

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Example proposals and posters from last year

Below you find a few examples of last year’s project proposals. Please note that these are the proposals before they were peer reviewed. Emotag_proposal Emotag_poster CrowdsourcingLinks_proposal CrowdsourcingLinks_poster LinkingTheUnlinked-Example_paper LinkingTheUnlinked-Example_poster

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Inspiration for your research proposal

While I’m awaiting responses from a few of last year’s students on whether they are OK with us sharing their proposals from last year with you, here’s a selection of the titles of last year’s proposals. This may give you … Continue reading

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Possible topics for your research proposal

Besides the topics treated in the lectures, there are some other topics you could use for your proposal (ontologies, serious gaming, linked open data etc.). For example other types of media than those discussed in the lectures or topics closely … Continue reading

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More serious gaming

A while ago, I came across this TED talk that presents another view on serious gaming (embedding the video doesn’t seem to work for some unknown reason):

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Submission for Assignment 1 now closed

We didn’t receive all assignments yet, but we have closed the dropbox. If you still need to submit your assignment, send it via email to both of us. Actually, when you send an email about the KM course, always send … Continue reading

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First time help

Yesterday one of you came up to me during the break asking about how to use Protégé, he had downloaded it and was a bit overwhelmed by the interface. Just to get you started, I added a Protégé tutorial to … Continue reading

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