Password for submitting your lightning talk slide

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Where to submit your proposal

The url of the submission system for the proposals and posters is:

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Scheduling lightning talks

As mentioned in today’s lecture, we will have two slots for lightning talks:

  • 11:00 – 12:45
  • 13:30 – 15:15 (regular lecture slot)

Please send us an email before Thursday 6 December 23:59 CET if you cannot make it to one of these slots. On Friday morning, we will create the presentation schedule and publish it so you will know in which slot to show up.


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Slides today’s lecture and extra reading options

The slides can now be found on the lecture page, and I also promised to give you a literature reference to the Watson system:

David Ferrucci, Eric Brown, Jennifer Chu-Carroll, James Fan, David Gondek, Aditya A. Kalyanpur, Adam Lally, J. William Murdock, Eric Nyberg, John Prager, Nico Schlaefer, Chris Welty (2010) Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project. AI Magazine, Vol 31, Issue 3, pp 59-79.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in opinion mining and sentiment analysis, you can have a look at Bing Liu’s page here.


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Password for Assignment 4

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Example proposals and posters from last year

Below you find a few examples of last year’s project proposals. Please note that these are the proposals before they were peer reviewed.







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Inspiration for your research proposal

While I’m awaiting responses from a few of last year’s students on whether they are OK with us sharing their proposals from last year with you, here’s a selection of the titles of last year’s proposals. This may give you an idea of the kinds of combinations you could make.

  • LOD space: Huge educational potential!
  • Enabling Linked Data through Natural Language Processing
  • Opentabs: An Open Guitar Tablature Knowledgebase
  • Modelling of Linked News
  • Improving social tagging-based music recommendation systems
  • Try-on eyewear: Serious Gaming for Opticians
  • Measuring and Representing Public Opinion of Content of Political Video Fragments
  • Linking the Unlinked: Juicing the LOD cloud with WordNet
  • Music discovery and recommendations using the Semantic Web
  • Crowdsourcing for documentation and revitalization of endangered languages
  • Mood-based music retrieval through speech recognition
  • Improving Health by Using Serious Gaming
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